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For most body treatments and massages, you will be required to disrobe, but you will be given a towel/bathrobe and disposable underwears to wear for the duration of the treatment.

For treatments that might leave a stain, we will provide disposable underwears for the purpose of the treatment, however, if you wish to keep on your underwear, that is totally fine.

Yes, we give disposable underwears.

Gifts are not refundable but some gifts can be exchanged. Please always inform us of an intent to exchange on time so we can provide the needed assistance.

Please, always indicate or inform the reception and therapists of any health condition before treatment so we can manage accordingly.

Yes, men and women can receive their treatments together if they are a couple

Yes, we have lockers and keys, dedicated for the safekeeping of each customer’s belongings.

Yes, you can always switch to a different plan. Please communicate your preference to any of our customer service reps via our WhatsApp lines or to the Spa manager at the reception desk.

You can schedule an appointment by booking via our website, our social media dms or our WhatsApp sales numbers: 09096398966, 09053871774 and 08180143962.

It is advisable to book your spa services 2-3 days ahead.

If you have any questions about choice of treatments, our spa manager at the reception desk or any of our spa therapists will be glad to offer any assistance, kindly speak to them about it.

Depending on the treatment you opt for, duration might last from 15, 30 minutes to an hour or more.

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