Body Treatments & Sauna

Stretch Mark Treatment with After Care Treatment

Price: 35,000

Duration: 45 Minutes

Experience the ultimate solution for stretch marks at Sparadise. Our expert therapists use advanced techniques to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, leaving your skin smoother and more radiant. The treatment includes a soothing aftercare session to ensure lasting results and maximum comfort.




Skin Tag Removal – Small

Price: 40,000

Say goodbye to bothersome skin tags with our small skin tag removal service. Our skilled professionals will gently and effectively remove small skin tags, leaving your skin looking flawless.

Skin Tag Removal – Medium

Price: 50,000

Skin tags that are medium in size and require professional attention can be removed safely and efficiently at our spa. We invite you to come and enjoy the confidence that comes with beautifully clear skin.

Skin Tag Removal – Large

Price: 60,000

Our spa specialises in the removal of large skin tags. Let our experienced team restore your skin’s natural beauty and texture with a gentle and effective removal procedure.





5D Knuckles Treatment

Price: 25,000

Duration: 45 Minutes

Treat your knuckles to our exclusive 5D Knuckle Treatment, designed to lighten and rejuvenate the skin. Achieve even-toned and youthful-looking knuckles for a confident and polished appearance.




Hush’D Sauna Treatment

Price: 25,000

Duration: 20 Minutes

Sauna sessions, lasting for 10-20 minutes, offer a range of benefits, including muscle relaxation, improved blood circulation, fat burning, enhanced fitness gains following exercise, and heightened mental clarity. Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience with our Hush’D Sauna Treatment. Step into our serene and therapeutic sauna environment, where you can unwind, detoxify, and rejuvenate both body and mind. 





Hush’D Sauna Treatment- Triple Effect (A group of three)

Price: 30,000

Duration: 20 Minutes

hare the relaxation with friends or loved ones in our Hush’D Sauna – Triple Effect package. Enjoy the triple benefits of relaxation, detoxification, and rejuvenation together in our tranquil sauna setting