Experience the nourishing benefits of Paraffin Wax, a luxurious treatment for the hands and feet. This natural emollient deeply moisturizes, leaving the skin supple, soft, and smooth.

The application of Paraffin Wax provides lasting hydration, boosting moisture levels even after the treatment. Indulge in the soothing effects of this treatment, as it helps relax soreness and brings comfort to areas of pain. Treat yourself to this rejuvenating experience and enjoy the revitalizing effects on your skin and overall well-being.


Underarm                                               N10,000                 30mins

Full Arm                                                  N20,000                1hr

Full legs                                                   N25,000               1hr 30mins

Back                                                        N25,000               1hr

Bikini line                                                 N15,000               45mins

Chest                                                       N20,000                1hr

Full Bikini (sides and top line)                    N20,000               1hr

Brazilian (Full hair removal)                      N25,000               1hr 30mins

Full Body hair removal                             N85,000               4hrs

Chin waxing (women)                              N7,000                  30mins

Chin waxing (men)                                   N10,000                   30mins